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Night Tales - A woman bus

Second of any day ...
report I
I wake up every day religiously 4:30 am to be able to go to work, as caught two buses and each takes longer than the other. Shower missing fifteen minutes to next hour. Always a quick shower. I take the coffee I leave prepared the day before, it is now usually warm, as wafer most of the time since leaving bread for a long time in the basket without consuming it spoils. Passing just say that I am forgotten and end up forgetting to eat bread before literally my money go to waste. Although very fond of bread.I'm close to thirty, bald, thin, dark. As I speak with you drink a beer that I can no longer identify the brand or whether it is still cold or if I'm drinking a broth in the bottle. But leaving the formalities and considering that we are already almost friends. I want to make one thing clear between us: I'm on your side now. We need to work ..I go to the gate that looks like a prison grid, more stagger a few steps to reach a second gate out on the street. Street is unpaved and some neighbors threw broken bricks to soften the dust in summer and mud in winter. That day to leave the house I came across a tall, thin lady. I freaked out by that one time only found in the darkness some dogs barking and some vagrants cats that were the sound of the night. The night was theirs and I unnoticed to not be an intruder in a private party, why not cats meow for free in the morning, and I come across a woman standing like a statue.
She - Good morning.
In a mixture of fear, lust and curiosity, said dry - Good morning - A shiver took me account of the back and down the legs. Soon he gave me thoughts I could not believe it. I wanted to start her white dress, hair that hung down to his ass, biting.
She - going to work?
Turning to me as a race car and a guilty smile - yes.
She - I can accompany you to the bus stop? According too early and this is very dangerous for a woman.
We climbed a dirt street beat for five minutes. Enough to get to the bus stop ... She told me things about the place where we lived and my part just watched those eyes through the darkness and cold gray dawn. That day seemed darker than usual, the dogs that would normally be barking without stopping to hear the footsteps of pedestrians who passed by there this time were silent trembling with fear. Fear of what?You'll get driving? - I insisted wanting to get out some of that presentation of conversation. I am not a historian and I have no vocation for such a thing.
Their haste does not take you anywhere - the woman replied with an ice cube in his eyes and it made me climb a chill down your spine, the skin move each centimeter like take off the muscles and the same occurred with the bones wanting to drop the organs. Finquei feet on the ground and kept walking.A thousand thoughts peopled my head "as a woman so insecure and scared the little time puts me a hell of fear?"
I do not put fear in you or put? - Seemed to read my mind and it left me dry throat, voice cracking, cold hand, sweaty.No, of course you did not put me scared. Why should I be afraid of you? After all I am a man and you a woman ... I theoretically much stronger than you could handle the situation easily.
Of course. - He left a smile on the face of the corner and it made me think about running, but ...
The bus - said relieved ... could get out of this embarrassing situation. Would be close to others like us and this could reverse the time to "terror" passed earlier. That was just a situation of a strange day. They looked at me, eyes, chest, face and sex. Dream, nightmare, I was pale as a ghost. In my daydream I was interrupted.
You will not go roulette? - I said it naturally.
Of course I will! - The collector stared
As everything seemed to pass slowly. It appeared the head of a drunk staggering on sidewalks and in alleys, anchored in Botiquin. We traveled. The road making waves, threw me from one side to the other. As if my body no longer obey me ... As if their own accord, I was there?
I sat on the chair and it all happened like I'm going into a tunnel. The lights come faster and faster pounding against my chest, my face against us. Soon I was in my destiny of all dawns. The dump, local exchanges, the place of the masses. The Central Terminal. I raised my skinny ass from his chair and left the bus like a hum. I sat on the bench and I realized that the woman was gone, then took a walk around looking all directions, but could not catch sight of such a creature. It was a shame because he was watching those breasts, legs, thighs, and everything had to horny that piece of meat. The day should be equal to others. Boring, hard work and again come home reeking more than wet dog rain, but suddenly I felt that breathing up my back. I'm sure it was not human ... It looked like a smoke and suddenly ...
Hi - She said almost touching my ear.
Took a deep breath and the air seemed to tear the lungs, just choking on my saliva, I never felt feeling worse.
Hi - I said in a mixture of fear and lust.
Her like a curious child - You go to the other side of town, is not it?
Yes ... but I'm going towards the village of industrial. - I spoke firmly, absolute master of me.
I am also going in that direction - said with a cloudy look.
You wait one second while I get a coffee and something to eat ... Want to take something or eat? - I've never been good with women and this explains the solitude.
No - He smiled.
I headed towards the street vendors were there selling a bit of everything. Stretching his arms through the bars separating the inside from the outside of the platform. Some screaming, others picking up and others showing their wares. For my part I was all an excuse to get away from that creature, but not to pass a liar ... I bought coffee that was the appropriate drink for those who will work so early, some bread that was really hungry and to complete this diet healthy some fried pastries. When I turned back to the platform my bus was about to leave. I ran, almost burning me with the coffee was boiling.This time I was invited to go to his side, but the charge that brought not allowed ... I sat occupying two seats. With my housing, the other with the food for a second forget that woman ... I ate, ate, ate, everything seemed a grane Manja.When I finished eating was stopping in front of my work (Pause)
Sorry I did not say how it was my job. It is a very small building two by two, but when you open the door it becomes in a huge kilometric room with several beds and next to each bed there is a chair that is for us to sit and thus accomplish our task.
Let's go back to it ... After eating like a prince, at last was ready to start the day. What amazed me was the openness with which my companions received the woman. Much respect and at the same time wonder. I signed some protocols and when I look at my industry I see that in my bed there was two chairs. One on one side and another very beautiful, black as the darkness of hell.At the time I wanted to know what it was, but all said they were better off for my industry that everything would be clarified. Parti fearful and counting the steps, but it passed quickly and when I realized I was putting my ass on the chair. I took a deep breath and ...
Hi - Again the voice of nothing.
Looking said - Hi ... You !?
It was her ... But what is she doing here? I wondered ungrounded. Making my rationality asked. Who really are you?
Do not worry, I'm here for someone else and not you - answered firmly.
Who then? - I asked curiously.
I am because of the player and that soon will be in bed. (Break)
Well, I forgot to tell. My work starts soon so you go to bed player.
Let us return to the conversation ... Interesting - I answered
I do not say my name to anyone, but you behaved was a boy ... My name is DEATH.
I spent a cold the body, but then realized it was not just me but the whole environment ... let out a wry smile, took a deep breath and said - My name is NIGHTMARE and every night I come here to destroy his night. When he (a) if it will be like?
Always have another (a) ... - Laughed
You will still want to take me to bed? - She asked with a mischievous look.
I looked again and laughed, then said - I'd rather not risk it.
A new laugh.
We can go out after work and eat, drink something and maybe even celebrate once again their success. - I said confidently.
And to my surprise the answer was yes.
So my dear bed waiting for you in bed and please do not go to be late, because today is a special meeting. Is your DEATH. And that's the kind of thing that is not delayed.
And as I said at the beginning of our story ... I'm with you always.

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